Divide and Exit - Limited Edition Cold War Steve artwork CD

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Sleaford Mods’ era-capturing, breakthrough album Divide and Exit remastered on CD - featuring original art by Cold War Steve.

- Orders before July 26th will receive an exclusive Cold War Steve art card. 

This is a preorder item and will be shipped from 26th July 2024

Track Listing
  1. Air Conditioning
  2. Tied Up in Nottz
  3. A Little Ditty
  4. You're Brave
  5. Strike Force
  6. The Corgi
  7. From Rags to Richards
  8. Liveable Shit
  9. Under the Plastic and N.C.T.
  10. Tiswas
  11. Keep Out of It
  12. Smithy
  13. Middle Men
  14. Tweet Tweet Tweet